Smile and say 'pretty boy'! Welcome to Love's Lost Refrain, a small media depot of Angelique goodiness. And just what is the aforementioned, exactly? A masterpiece of a Bishounen Classification System that's not even close to being matched by Fushigi Yuugi; for one thing, Angelique is nowhere near as annoying as Miaka. Heh.

Anyway, this manga by Kairi Yura spins off the video game series by Koei, and involves two girls- Angelique and her rival Rosalia- each creating and sustaining her own seperate continent. Most successful chick gets to become the queen of the cosmos... or can choose to scamper off with her lovah; primary aid comes in the form of nine 'super-bishounen', each associated with a "Sacrea" (basically fire, water, light, etc.)...

No, it's not as insipid as it sounds.

Actually, it does get somewhat sugary, but a cool and not good for your teeth sugary. Besides, the series is very entertaining and pretty and the characters are all voiced by high profile seiyuu. I kid you not! Anyway, it's serialized in Asuka, so it shouldn't be that far a step away for the CLAMP crowd. Fwee.

A series layered in chapters, the cast of mainish characters is constantly growing; for one, there's the arrival of the second Angelique (Collet) and her rival, Rachel Hart, as well as the introduction of "mentors". And then there's mister senior tempest psychopath, which all makes for a merrily complexed cosmos. However, the following just concentrates on the "origianal" cast of Guardians and girls (the one you'll meet in the manga and first installment of the video game).

Angelique Limoges Angelique Limoges, the stereotypically sweet and good-hearted heroine. Not as dumb as she looks. Really! Blonds do get some of the fun, ya know.
Rosalia de Catargena

Rosalia de Catargena, the rival who's not as bitchy as she seems. (Gee, could this be a pattern?). Proud, sharp-witted and has the obligatory Soft Spot (TM). Note the kick-assy violet hair.

Julious, Guardian of Light

Julious, Guardian of Light. Takes his responsibilties as "chief" Guardian very seriously. Grave and not given to frivolity; also voiced by Hayami Shou. Doesn't hurt if the stick up his ass was removed once in a while.

Clavis, Guardian of Dark

Clavis, Guardian of Dark. Sombre and melancholy and whatnot. Look at him- that's all the description you need. Really likes Lumi's harp and posing for the obligatory fangirl squeal.

Oscar, Guardian of Flame

Oscar, the Guardian of Flame. Regal and a military man, voice by some Horiuchi Kenyuu. Also a charming playboy who has this odd habit of discomforting Angelique. (I completely understand the poor girl.)

Lumi, Guardian of Water

Lumiale, the Guardian of Water. Gentle, he's really, really nice. Sings with Tobita Nobuo's vocals. The type who wants people to be happy and all la la la.

Luva, Guardian of Earth

Luva, Guardian of Earth. The studious kind, library and all; so clean-cut it hurts. Also really, really nice... especially when possessed by evil "Nightmares" and doing evil things. Fwee. Voiced by Seki Toshihiko.

Olivie, Guardian of Dreams and Beauty

Olivie, Guardian of Dreams and Beauty. Also known as the sparkly pink drag queen voiced by Koyasu Takehito. You should see this guy in colour... every girl's dream. Really.

Zephel, Guardian of Steel

Zephel, Guardian of Steel. Ingenius but very quick-tempered. Think formerly frisky Kamui but with an actual functioning brain! ... I'll stop now.

Randy, Guardian of Wind

Randy, Guardian of Wind. Voiced by the dude who does Tasuki... um, Hayashi Nobutoshi, that's right. Nice, honest, direct... bla bla bla. No angst department here.

Marcel, Guardian of Green

Marcel, Guardian of Green. He's voiced by Yuuki Hiro- need I say more? Bouncy, happy, hates no one and has a pet bird called "Chupi". The boy scares me. Seriously.

Oscar. Chained. Whoop de doo! Angelique glomping Marcel and being generally la la happy. Olivie and Angelique go tropical. Yes, Olivie is a scary man. Zephel and Luva squirting water guns with Zodiac signs abounding. People rejoice. Angelique and Randy standing back to back Oscar doing that 'discomforting Angelique' deal... with flowers! Whoo! - cover of volume 7 Randy makes girls go happy. - cover of volume 2 Sweet little cook of an Angelique. Sidedish boys optional.
Marcel and Angelique and the BIRDIES OF DOOM. Ahem. Cuteness abounding. Randy still makes the girls go happy. Chin chuck away, princeling. (Sorry about the fold, by the way. Bleh.) Do a little Clavis dance tonight. Entire male cast - pencil board - side A Entire male cast - pencil board - side B Olivie, true Guardian fashionista Lumiale, water wonder boy... taking over the charmer role? Angelique and Rosalia taking time to smile and get showered with them obligatory shoujo flowers

Tempest is the image song for Arios, a character introduced later on in the video game series. Rip-off of my Sydney wallpaper, hehehheh.
That's supposed to be a cat's paw print- it's almost got it! Heh. Four Shugosei to go, please. MWOAR.
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Angelique Limoges being insanely adorable! Kweeee.
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Translation is courtesy of the wonderful Marfisa, and I was the one beating scanner-san and slave editing. Copyright overall goes to Kairi Yura, Kadokawa Shoten and Koei. Please do not claim these as your own or distribute them. Anyway, this is the August 2001 installment of Asuka... and you know what to do, clickclick. (download complete zip file)

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Translations are courtesy of Marfisa, and the pencil board thanks to Alison.

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Randy Zephel

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