Hi, my name is GOD
HEIGHT: 178 cm (approx. 5'9")
HAIR: blonde à la naturelle
AGE APPROX: unknown; late 20's?
STATUS: "Wait! It's only a flesh wound!!"
SPARKLY HEARTS AND CHERRY BLOSSOMS? half a cup, soaked in blood
LIFE EXPECTANCY: dot dot dot
AFFILIATION: Müllenkamp Cult, leader

Exuding charisma like there's no tomorrow, Losstarot is leader of the religious cult known as Müllenkamp. With the uncanny talent to uncover the past and thoughts of others, he plays the sassy hart/hare to Ashley Riot's hunter in a game set amidst the shadows of Léa Monde. But this play does not take the turns one expects it to follow, because the past can be wrought, the enemy wronged and then the shadows can lead one astray.

(... follow the snowflies. Right.)

Throughout the game, Sydney proves himself adept at the whole cult leader gig: summoning Dark beasts, displacing persons, creating glamours, manipulation of minds and landscapes, re-attachment of hewn limbs and other such charming traits that are sure to impress your neighbours at the next dinner party. He's a total crash course in cold-hearted bitchery for the greater good of mankind.

Though introduced as a rather snappy blonde-- cower Hardin, cower!-- the cultist soon proves to be one of eloquence and riddling. Leading Agent Riot on a merry chase through Léa Monde provides the perfect background for some past probing and snare setting, bait favourite being Riot's hazy memories of deceased family. Not to mention the glowing opportunity to throw off wit like Buffy Summers on a good hair day.

Sydney's interaction with the other characters betray a rather acute, probing playfulness: when he turns his attentions to Samantha and her love for Guildenstern, or when he taunts Riot with the "truth" and that "Show me your soul!" nonsense, I mean, seriously, Sydney's in it for the kicks. You know it to be true.

... as one Callo Merlose so eloquently put it: "They say his charisma is such that his followers offer both body and soul to him."