It's a lovelove ending, moi friends. I know all these stipulations seem anal retentive, but I've had a slew of trouble due to various folks being unkind and playing the poaching game. Not good, y'know. Very unclassy.

Contributions are lovingly welcome, so throw me an email and it'll make the world go just a little rounder.

Feel free to e-mail the artist and tell them how much you love them. The works archived here belong to their creator, and may a tree play poker with your entrails should you appropriate anything without their permission. That really goes without saying.

All of the screenshots were taken from various sources, which are linked in the, well, links section. As can be seen, they're mostly courtesy of the now defunct GIA; if you use any of those, you do need to recognize and credit. It's only the right thing to do.

The rest are pretty much free sport, though a link back here is always appreciated as secondary source, if you're so inclined. And though this is unlikely to happen, please do not reuse the gallery as one for your own site. That's just silly.

You know you love the Squarenix and la de da, so please support their artists by buying the soundtrack. And shop smart (SHOP S-MART) and buy the authentic DigiCube albums. Because Ever Anime is nasty bootleg and will be fed to a sakura tree. Shopping guide found in the links section, yo.

Tree-feeding will also be the fate of any who direct link these files, or distributes them without my consent. Well, I did pay good money for the thing, and rip the mp3s, you know. Cost me a good number of brain cells, too.

They are for your personal use only and are not to be posted anywhere, direct linked to or anything whatsoever. You save, you use on your computer. End of story. You want to archive on your site, you ask me and we'll see what results.

(Look at me being so arrogant. I mean, gosh, who's really going to steal these? And the answer had better be NO ONE. )

If you can credit these avatars, such as on, please do. Just, you know, don't claim these as your own.

Also, they are not premade background avatars, so please don't modify them and, in the grand belief that this causes them to be new and special, claim them as your own. And for goodness sake, JUST SAY NO TO DIRECT LINKING. Right click, save to your own server. Thank you, good sir.