THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH. A big sloppy squee to the people who lent a helping hand; by contributing, by encouraging even though they have no idea who Sydney was... hey man. Thanks in the bucketful.

Since this was just a laspe of judgement on my part-- at first, really, who would think it would grow into this?-- I have no one else to thank except the nice people who manufacture marshmallow fluff, for it is sweet and sticky and not good for my teeth.

Actually, a big thanks to Audrey, who, out of the insanity of her heart, is the one to gift me with Vagrant Story. Thank you. THANK YOU SO MUCH I LESS THAN THREE YOU ETC. I also owe the Squarenix my immortal soul. But... not really, ahaha. ♥

I mean, how can I not thank the Squarenix? So thanks. A lot. A whole 197lbs of sparkly hearts and love, actually. Jewelle also mentioned that I should give big hugs to Akihiko Yoshida, for creating Sydney. I agree. My hugs are yours, oh great designer of characters.

... there needs to be some weather entities in here, right? Well, uhhh. Look over there! *flees*

Final Judgement was opened August 19th of 2000 at with that same cheesy and Judeo-Christian flavoured title. Not that there's anything wrong with Judeo-Christian chessiness, but I digress.

Priestess duty falls on the slopsided shoulders of Linh, and personal vendettas are welcome as long as you wipe your feet at the entrance of the shrine. Word being "shrine", she does not own Sydney Losstarot or Vagrant Story or Ashley Riot's hairstylist, though sometimes she wish she did.

However, she did write the content and slaved over the modified graphics and annoyed random people until they donated some fun to the site. So please respect all these aspects as well as the contributors. I'm sure we're all happy little boys and girls and would not want to cause any sadness to the nice people who bring you Sydney goodness.

That is all. *poof*

Stuff your pockets with religion galore.