CARD: The Hierophant / High Priest, volume 5
AGE APPROX: 30-something? mid-30's?
STATUS: happily breathing, thank you sir.
PRETTY BOY FACTOR: bishounen? Try biseinen, if anything.
ANGST LEVEL: minute-- oh, sensible older men! ♥
LIFE EXPECTANCY: how many random encounters thrown at his face by Evil Hinoto before he bites the dust? Bets are in the air! Final Day seems a little sharp, though, ow, please redeem one windmaster for a firemistress at any available location.

Amongst all the young and pretty Dragons of Heaven, you have to find a father figure somewhere! Happily married to wife Shimako-- BUT WHERE'S ALL THE GAY GONE?!-- he fights The Fight to protect her as well as his young daughter, Yuka.

An editor for Asuka-- let's all give CLAMP a hand for some wonderful shameless promotion-- he is the source of awe and answers for nephew Saiki Daisuke, the protector of Princess Hinoto and a living/now-dead example of why you should be careful for what you Wish for. Aw, was that a bad answer?

Damn attractive for a guy in his supposed mid-thirties! Then again, that's not that old. A pox upon the jailbating defenders of our existence as we know it!

Light brown hair and hazel eyes, framed by some nice little wire glasses. All complemented by a light brown suit... can you say absolutely monochrome? If it weren't for his built in windmachine, I think CLAMP would've found this guy seriosuly lacking in movement. If anything, he's nice! As in, ah, nice.

He has mastered the power of the wind, and you can bet his hair always looks dashingly wind-swept. If you think about it, surely he has control over the air as well? Then why doesn't he just step back and, say... collapse somebody's lungs? That should be easy enough. But, oh, wait-- he's a good guy. He fights clean. Silly boys and your silly playground rules.

And, he can create a Kekkai. But you knew that.

Though mild mannered (... reporter!), his job requires him to be at least moderately well-read; Aoki-san could probably initiate some decent conversation. At least he won't try to kill your guests, or anything bothersome like that.

And since he is trained for the journalistic pursuit, he's probably up on current events and has a good amount of general knowledge. And he's so pleasant! It'd be like having tea with a champion.

Most likely gets a decent salary from Kadokawa Shoten, so it would be a comfortable living-- I mean, he has enough to support a wife and young daughter. That's right. Let's not think about the alimony he might have to fork over should Shimako get custody. Or, you know, you could always hope she gets GRUESOMELY KILLED, and you inherit a cute daughter and husband!

... don't look at me like that. You get killed in this series, you get killed good. Nasty. Nasty good.

Though he has many responsibilities-- editor, father figure to a crew of emotionally retarded adolescents, saving the world, ETC-- you can bet that he'll lend Shimako the helping hand as much as possible. Being a father, he can probably fill the requisite role of cook/chauffeur/clean-up/whatever. And since he's such a nice and responsible guy, Aoki-san will surely need no second urging!

Aoki Yuka (daughter; alive); Aoki Shimako (uh, wife; ALIVE); the other Seals-- aside of Kasumi Karen-- don't really show much interest in his private life.

He's married. With offspring. So, unless they get killed and he miraculously gets over the fact that the people he wants to protect have just DIED, you'll not have much luck.

And if you did, there's Kasumi Karen who might have a say in such matters. Those two are awfully friendly, swap the cutesy let-me-protect-you! gig... and he did promise to cry for her. Hey, in this Tokyo world, that kind of thing usually means something. Rather like the intricate social values of tie tying, omgtheirloveissoangstyfashionemergency.

Unless Shimako would like to say otherwise, we can take it from character traits that he's probably a considerate lover, if none too exotic. Like his brown suit: reliable, and just as exiting. No, wait, brown suits can be exciting. Salarymen fashion has its own deep and sexy paper shuffling charm!

Aoki-san's a loyal, responsible, NICE GUY-- so you can say that Shimako's one lucky lady. Now, should you snag this Dragon of Heaven for youself, you'll be guaranteed a lovely and charming husband who could probably procure you Asuka subscriptions to your heart's content.

And that, my friends, is a good thing.

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