CARD: Temperance, volume 14
AGE APPROX: 16-17 years
STATUS: all hidden, all Ise, all the time
ANGST LEVEL: can probably look back and account Sorata induced torment as angst
LIFE EXPECTANCY: you'd think that she'd live. You'd think that her will is strong enough to protect herself and the one she loves. With Sorata in the picture, this could trigger a certain most unfortunate boy destiny.

Arashi's mother-- a priestess of the Ise shrine-- tried to protect her daughter from the cruel destiny of being a Dragon of Heaven by taking her away from the shrine. Sadly, she died young, leaving the young girl wandering the steets scavenging for food armed only with a promise not to die.

When they found Arashi to bring her back to the temple, they discovered that three months on her own had made her indifferent to her own life-- she questions whether eating would matter at all, equating the will to eat with the will to live. But a kind priestess told Arashi that life would offer people who would try to harm her, but, more importantly, people who would love her, too.

And so the Hidden Priestess of the Ise Shrine finds once again the will to live.

Shouldering her responsibilties as a Dragon of Heaven, she finally finds one of those who would love her: Arisugawa Sorata. And though his exuberant nature and perserverance in her courtship have proven sometimes irritating, they have also evinced from Arashi that most dangerous and overwhelming of emotions: love. And now the once stoic girl finds herself in unfamiliar territory. And so, so afraid for Sorata's sake...

Considered beautiful by any-- and very much so, by one Sorata-- Arashi has long tresses of silken black hair and an expression of quietude that borders on unnerving coldness.

Though her serence beauty is hardly masked by the school uniform she wears on a daily basis, Arashi proves that power can be sought in things seemingly fragile.

As the Hidden Priestess, the concentrated power of the Ise Shrine is masked within her and is drawn forth from her hand in the form of a sword. And damnit, don't look at your palm that way! NO. STOP THAT. STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.

... and, you know, she can create a pyramid Kekkai as well. Though, this may be-- oh, I guess she lost that, too. Sorata, stop taking all her firsts!

Responsible by nature and quick on her feet, Arashi is an above average student who is severe with the duty required of her.

Though she is undaunted by those who would oppose her or annoy her-- HEY SORATA WHAT'S UP-- Arashi is someone who keeps to herself. However, though her nature is more of the succinct kind, she is courteous, and her politeness curries much favour.

A CLAMP Campus student and her place as one of the Kamui-tachi take care of money and residence. However, she is still a student and a priestess, so an outside job seems a bit doubtful. Though if residence is needed, living quarters can always be sought from the Ise Shrine. Or you can crash at the tachi's flat! LET'S PARTY LIKE IT'S 1999!

She has her round of chores at the residence, and the fact that she's so responsible make Arashi quite comfortable doing the domestic gig. And she just looks so cuuuute in an apron! However, don't be fooled into thinking that she doesn't have anything better to do than laundry and tea. Even if she does look so cuuuuute in a apron!


mother (deceased); father (unknown); Kaede Saiguu (guardian; alive); the Dragons of Heaven would put up a big nasty fight for her, so be nice.

HA HA HA, insert an obnoxious amount of exclamation marks. I wish you the utmost luck going up against the one, the only...


Lightning boy of Mount Kouya and dedicated protector of all things Arashi!

He has poured his life-- and death, for that matter-- into this girl, and I think that anything that gets in the way would end up as crispy critters. Unless you happen to truly make his precious Arashi happy... well, then, maybe Sorata would gallantly step aside for his love's grace. But, most likely not.

However, she now finds herself caught head over feet over certain hospital beds for Sorata, which should add another twist in your quest for her hand in marriage.

There's also Saiki Daisuke-- who was close to Arashi-- but he doesn't seem to be much of a problem anymore. You know. Ever since Fuuma had fun DECAPITATING HIM, and all.

Arashi is not one to let herself be taken in by passion; of course, extreme circumstances do have a way of kicking down walls with steel-toed boots. This can also be accounted to the fact that she has hidden away the more intense of her feelings, as to not be hurt again.

In a way, she either refuses or simply does not understand wayward emotions anymore-- which can be a plus in battle. So should you ever pursue more intimate relationships with Arashi, I think you should be kind, and go slow. Sorata would know!

Because he has bedroom scenes! And she has palm gazing that means nothing at all because they will LIVE DAMNIT. BOTH OF THEM. AND RETIRE IN A COZY LITTLE APARTMENT COMPLEX IN THE HANSHIN REPUBLIC BECAUSE THAT IS SO CANON I SWEAR. Shut up, it's just a river in Egypt.

Considering such obstacles by the name of Sorata, this girl seems to be accounted for. However, should you manage to bypass this little annoyance-- little, she says!-- the priestess makes for an exceptional wife.

Arashi is a level-headed and extremely collected young woman, and if you're one to prefer a more peaceful lifestyle-- except for that impending apocalyspe, of course-- she's probably worth the numerous visits you would get from Sorata. He's a bit like excess baggage family! Except without the numerous offerings of fruitcake. Or the hunting stories.

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    . sumeragi hokuto
    . saiki daisuke
    . segawa keiichi

    . shirou kamui
    . aoki seiichirou
    . arisugawa sorata
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