CARD: as yet unrevealed
AGE APPROX: 16-17 years
STATUS: getting the one-up on Kamui
PRETTY BOY FACTOR: tell it to his face and he'll (a) treat you to ice cream; (b) strangle you; (c) all of the above ♥
ANGST LEVEL: ... you're kidding, right?

A mother who died bringing forth the Shinken, a father murdered whilst protecting it and he who used it to ruthlessly slay his sister Kotori. Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart? ♥

After his childhood friend Kamui chose to become a Dragon of Heaven, it is revealed that Fuuma is his Twin Star; thus, Fuuma must fill the Void left by this choice, and he becomes a Dragon of Earth.

Job perks include, but are not limited to: the power to discern the Wishes of others. Wearing stuffed frogs on your head as you blow the living crap out of buildings with your pinky and some pop cans. Sharing a little ice cream downtime with friends. Validating the organ donor cards of said friends.

Dark spiky hair and an awful fashion sense that all strangely changes into something a lot more stylish when Fuuma becomes an Angel. CENSUS SAYS: evil makes you sexy!

Fits the smug requirements of "tall, dark, handsome, has a penchant for blood and mayhem and frog cum hat" like a designer brand glove on the hand of a young spiritualist. ♥ Picks up a lot of snaps and buckles and a fair amount of shades on the way-- it pays to shop in Tokyo!

Enormous telekinetic and psychic power that's similar to Kamui; the ability to see into the hearts of others and perceive their Wish; being a bastard and a dastardly charm all in one shot, i.e. EBISU.

Obviously dropped out of school when he turned into Dark!Kamui, he is nevertheless of shrewd character. Though he can be the most charming of men, the instability of Wishes and the fact that he wants to destroy the Earth can be troublesome at parties. Not highly recommended.

Given that he wants to destroy the Earth, if you need the money, Fuuma will probably just appropriate it without second thought. Or pawn off some of Seishirou's junk-- not like he needs it anymore. Current residence is underneath city hall, but I'm sure he can accommodate you elsewhere if you Wished it. LIKE HIS BED

Fuuma? Don't even think about it. Can you just imagine Tall, Dark and Seriously Psychotic doing the laundry? Nice image, but he'll probably just enslave Kamui into doing his menial chores.

Which would be lovely bonding time for the both of them! Kamui would wear bunny slippers! There would be picnics! Full of glass!

Should he be the former Fuuma-- the one who helps out at the Temple and such-- then you'd probably have an easier time getting him to share the chores. Aw, who am I kidding! You never know until he breaks your arm and stuffs your legs full of what used to be a window.

Monou Saya (mother; deceased); Monou Kyougo (father; deceased); Monou Kotori (sister; deceased)... nope, I don't see them getting into the picture any time soon, unless you count the frequent apparitions of Kotori's head

Though Kamui seems to have some sort of place in Fuuma's life-- and intricately tied with both of their Wishes-- I don't think you'll have much protesting from him. (He's still busy picking the slivers out of his manly boythigh, the darling!) Other than his dinner dates with the Sakurazukamori, Fuuma has not really shown any interest in furthering-- romantic?-- interests.

Now this should be, ah, interesting.

Sadistic in his attentions, Fuuma is probably dominant in bed-- if not downright violent. If anything can be read by his interactions with Kamui-- and can it be read! not to mention, stared at for vast amounts of time-- this Dragon of Earth would most likely be into the whole alternative scene. Or rather, something with a lot, a lot of blood.

Most likely yours, and in alarming amounts! ♥

Fuuma comes off as a highly sensual, so expect a substantial amount of energy to be put into the bedroom-- living room table, kitchen floor, shower stall, workbench with a screwdriver, ETC-- and bending to this man's will. Though he does have his charismatic and seemingly gentle side, passions would be let loose, and you should probably look out for circumstancial Shinken. Aw, sexy.

Of course, this can probably be changed if you Wished for it hard enough. Because, you know, everybody's innermost True Wish is totally surviving a one-night stand with Fuuma!

Do you really have a death wish? He does wants to destroy the Earth, incidentally. If you're still interested, then Fuuma would probably be an interesting husband, if dominating and a little intimidating. Loyal, too, though this could border on possessiveness.


    . monou kotori
    . sumeragi hokuto
    . saiki daisuke
    . segawa keiichi

    . shirou kamui
    . aoki seiichirou
    . arisugawa sorata
    . sumeragi subaru
    . kasumi karen
    . kishuu arashi
    . nekoi yuzuriha

    . monou fuuma
    . kigai yuuto
    . kuzuki kakyou
    . sakurazuka seishirou
    . shiyuu kusanagi
    . nataku
    . yatouji satsuki