AGE APPROX: 16 years; eternal
STATUS: dreamgazer summer reruns; the occasional guilt trip of a brotherly fashion
ANGST LEVEL: what is this angst you speak of?
LIFE EXPECTANCY: dot dot dot

Equal parts spirit, love and a particularly bright shade of crack, Sumeragi Hokuto was the most alarming fashion explosion to ever hit the streets of modern Tokyo. A bold girl, and a fiercely generous one, she was both the protector of her twin brother-- the supremely gentle and naive Subaru-- and the number one super source of his constant blushing and magical girl crazy eye-popping outfits.

For all her liveliness, though, Hokuto can also be very selfish and blind when it comes to matters of her brother-- she's protective to the point of being an emotional crutch for Subaru's already unhealthy mental victim state. This leads to the tragedy that encompasses Tokyo Babylon, and which is followed up with even greater impact in X.

For an overview of events, please see the profiles for Sumeragi Subaru and Kuzuki Kakyou.

You know that really pretty dark-haired and green-eyed girl you saw the other day? The one they call Subaru? Well, Hokuto is basically like that, except she's got boobs. And the most insane wardrobe known to mankind. And by insane, I mean-- oh, it is insane. Everything from supercute gothic lolita and cat ears, to the best of the eighties plus dropping acid.

Hokuto has very little of the Onmyoujutsu abilities bestowed upon her twin, but can still pull some defensively dainty Chanel-powered tricks from her rather large and fashionable hat; the last of these, the one cast on Seishirou, was hers only to cast with her death. Also, Hokuto has some dreamgazing powers-- enough to take a particularly pasty little future Angel on a beachside excursion.

Defender of the weak and befriender of the lonely, Hokuto knows exactly what's going on, and is armed to the teeth with street smarts and a kind heart to take it on. For all her flighty manner, she is incredibly perceptive; even with the odds running against her, that'll only make Hokuto try to win this world through the sheer strength of her faith.

If she's your friend, she is definitely your friend.

The spoiled child of the wealthy Sumeragi family, she is laden with a bank account that could take all of Shinjuku on. If her designer wardrobe and personal apartment don't tell the tale, nothing else can!

Hoktuo is practically Subaru's mother; given that he tasks himself to the overload, she's always on her feet making sure he gets fed and rested and the litter is always clean. With both twins living on their own in big bad Tokyo, they seem to be doing fine domestically-- all bonus points to the Miss Sumeragi for this uptake, though!

Lady Sumeragi (grandmother; alive); Sumeragi Subaru (twin brother; alive)

Though she spreads her love like a terrorist, Hokuto has caught the particular attention of the dreamgazer Kakyou. Her impending demise is what finally motivates him to rebel against his visions, and what gets him all caught up in this Death Wish affair of his; it's a powerful attachment, not easily dealt with on any level. But then, Kakyou isn't exactly known for stamina, or a confrontational attitude-- hey, what's up Seishirou! Nice to see you again!-- so you might be in the clear with this one.

Hokuto seems fairly wordly-- or, at the very least, is definitely able to continuously wisecrack about such matters. As someone who lives her life to the fullest, it would seem natural that she would be rather comfortable in the bedroom; she's also very physical with others, which points to a sensual nature. We forecast plenty of mischief, energy, and a general attitude that embraces the good of everything! Now with less bloodplay!

An overwhelming girl and a pushy one, most definitely, but one who would be the driving force and sunshine of your life. (The kind that gives you cancer.) Hokuto can be frightening at times, but she's also kind, and can be terribly, horrifically, wonderfully shameless. Do not consume if afflicted with a heart condition, or modesty.

Just. Don't let her touch your wardrobe. Unless you like being a Harajuku accident, that is. ♥

I-- I am totally in love with Hokuto. It's pretty obvious-- this is like a love letter written with cut-up newspapers. We shall speak no more of this.

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