CARD: The Magician, volume 1
AGE APPROX: 15-16 years
STATUS: breathing. Angsting. Alternate!
PRETTY BOY FACTOR: so high it hurts. And man, does it pain.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: probably the highest chance of survival amongst the entire cast. Maybe. And by maybe, we mean there's 50% chance of precipitation. And by precipitation, we mean heads.

Following the tragic death of his mother-- and by tragic, we mean incredibly messy-- Kamui returns to his childhood city of Tokyo to fulfill his destiny.

Which, interestingly enough, consists of Kamui becoming a Dragon of Heaven, Fuuma going Dark Side-- thus leading to the demise of the beloved Kotori amongst other nasty, messy, WHOAH THAT'S A LOT OF BLOOD things-- and indulging in gratuitious bedside moments.

Kamui has the worst part-time job ever. Tasked with saving humanity from telekinetic apocalypse at the hands of apathetic super eco-terrorists, he ends up as everybody's angsty little sacrificial lamb in the name of finding out his ONE TRUE WISH THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE THE ANSWER TO SAVING THE WORLD ("I-- I just wanted a pony!") and trying to stave off creepy hot ex-best friend would-be rapists. At least if comes with a dental plan!

Please read series for further details on the molting habits of would-be saviors.

You cannot get any more prettyboy than this. (... Kakyou!) Well, maybe you can. But I digress.

Perfecting the Sumeragi's jailbait image from Tokyo Babylon, Kamui has silky black hair accentuating large, doe-like lavender eyes; which, should you raise the shimmer factor some F-stops higher, could probably blind Fuuma into submission.

Petite and feminine, Kamui is sometimes teased because of his slender build. Please note that he is often referred to as having "good wife" potential.

Enormous telekinetic and psychic power-- with little doubt, the heavy hitter of the Seals and one of their best long range; the inability to fashion a tie while recovering from injuries; the seemingly incredible lack of vertebrae in a mammal.

Probably an above average student, Kamui stills requires help with his schoolwork; though, this can be accounted to the lack of time due to Kekkai protecting and angsty boylovin' moments and Sorata helping-- helping, so that's what kids are calling it these days!-- him with this task. However, he is attentive and thoughtful-- if a little rough around the edges-- and though not entirely socially awkward, he's not quite the type to get down and party, either.

Then again, passing through the heroic phases of TEENAGE BRAT to SULKY SUBARU POSER, the boy wonder is now showing glimpses of leadership and intelligent intuition. So hope. Hope hard.

Since the government supports the Seals' efforts-- not to mention the Magami family-- I'm sure that you'll have no problem milking something from the Jesus complex. Everybody loves a Jesus complex.

Then again, current residence and expenses are considered covered by the Imonoyama heir, so additional help can be sought from Nokoru-- who I'm sure will not mind sharing the love. His kind of love, ohoho.

Kamui has survived on his own, so he must have picked up domestic abilities somewhere along the way. Good cooking skills and a housewife responsible nature come in handy, as demonstrated from his round of chores at the residence he shares with the Kamui-tachi.

And again, let's point out the "he'll make a great wife" statement, shall we?

Magami Tohru (mother; deceased); Magami Tokiko (aunt; deceased); the Dragons of Heaven can be considered a manner of family, as they are very protective of their dear Kamui.

So be nice, or you'll be facing electrocution, a dog nipping at your heels and-- well, I was going to maintain the "many, many ofuda", but that seems to be somewhat obsolete as of now. I like the way you just watch, Subaru. Good job. Stellar, even! Considering how you see yourself in him so much, and you're basically letting him fall into the same emotional trap you did. Oh man, I am so bitter and petty and unsympathetic.

Now, what are you talking about? Fuuma's endearingly sadistic tendancies, Subaru's attentive tie, er, tying and Keiichi's cheerful attachment-- no competition there! Hey, throw in Kotori's ghost while you're at it! (Actually, she is a potentially bad emotional adversary, being the dead and unattainable.)

If Kamui's desperate little attempts to hold Subaru by him are any indication, you're up for some stiff competition. ... wait, don't look at me that way, I didn't think it!

First things first! Kamui is not one to readily embrace physical intimacy. However, should you get him to loosen up, let's just hope you like a little submissiveness; Kamui comes about as an emotionally fragile person, so you'll have to be gentle with him. Then again, he doesn't seem to completely denounce Fuuma's sadistic little games, so you could try throwing in a little bondage just to spice things up. KAMUI LIKES IT ROUGH, BAYBEE.

Anyway, just don't expect a rough or dominating partner, but a sweet lover-- if a little timid and inexperienced-- who could probably become a great kisser. It's okay, sweetie, we can stop channeling bad fanfic now.

Kamui has suffered through much, so he'll probably be unwilling to open up to any advances-- disregarding CLAMP's gleeful way of drawing him as Sir Slutty Extraordinaire. There's a lot of competition, not to mention numerous shadows still haunting his heart. Oh, the woe. Should you manage to snag him, he would be a sensitive, loving and devoted husband (... or should I say wife?) who will always be there for you.

Though, I'd still watch my back for sneaky ofuda ninjas.

By categorization, I'm probably considered a Subaru/Kamui advocate. Though I do so adore the Seishirou/Subaru tango in Tokyo Babylon, this is X. The thing is, though that whole sulky prettiness of Subaru's is alluring, one can only digest so many issues of moping angst boys.

Oh, who am I kidding. YES, SUBARU IS YOUR BIG SISTER. BUT I HATE THE 4237802437809423 PAGES OF STUPID OH POOR ME SUMERAGI BECAUSE HOKUTO TOTALLY DID NOT DIE SO YOU CAN BE PATHETIC AT EVERYBODY. Oh, wait, she did. What the hell are you reading CLAMP for, if not the supergay angst? Of course I'm not totally in love with Hokuto and, thus, very bitter.

And yes, I like Kamui. Deal.

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