CARD: Justice, volume 11
AGE APPROX: passes for 20's; early 30's?
STATUS: burning her way through the streets of Tokyo.
ANGST LEVEL: abusive mother, predatory cults-- nothing in CLAMP's grandiose style, oh no!
LIFE EXPECTANCY: fairly decent; she's not an active Torture Target (TM), so her battle takes her to the Final Day. But if she makes a habit of listening to silly dreamgazers or rescuing mild-mannered windmasters, the next day will see her-- not so well.

A soapland hostess of a strangely fierce, yet gentle nature, Karen is a woman who seems to be the only character to have relatively come to terms with an angsty past. A BAJILLION GOLDSTARS OF APPROVAL, no lie.

As a girl, her devout Christian mother would not only hit her, but she said that because of Karen's "demonic" control over fire, her death would not even be mourned. Of course, Karen was devastated by her dear mummy's demise. But she spent many nights thinking about how her mother did her wrong. And she grew strong. And she will-- ah, survive. Besides, Aoki-san did promise he would cry for her. The drama, she builds!

Karen also became the mother surrogate of Nataku, who died protecting her from Fuuma's sticky fist o' Doom. CUE MORE DRAMA!

If anything, Karen is truly gorgeous. Gorgeous! Cropped dark rose waves of hair only serve to accentuate the quiet laughter in her eyes and delicate build, though she has quite the figure to flaunt. CENSUS SAYS: flaunting definitely approved!

Whether clad in conservative dress or the lingerie of employement, Karen hides a mature beauty and grace that is sadly destined to die from this world.

Karen is one hot hot fire breathin' mama! Her power is to manipulate fire-- in ways both elegantly small and atmospherically destructive-- as well as create the required Kekkai; cross-shaped, for those taking note.

She can also leap around Tokyo on windy days in lacy lingerie without getting cold. Man, who wouldn't!

Because of her mother, Karen was raised a strict Christian household. Her school education is undetermined, but we can be sure for a fact that she's wise concerning worldly matters. As well, she's also someone who knows her way around people. A bit like Seishirou! Except for the whole emotionless thing. And that assassin thing. And that... er, yeah.

There's also that nurturing and maternal streak in her, as if housewifery was a natural in some gentler world, but she applies it in abundance anyway. Hurts and sorrows of a child-- these, Karen can understand, and they evoke something in her, long held close because of her own childhood.

Her job is quite steady, though age would probably force her to retire a little earlier than most. To tell you the truth, if you married Karen, if would be for the best if you were also employed-- her status as a soapland hostess can be quite, ah, tricky. Or exciting. Or entertaining. DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS!

It is assumed that she has lived on her own for quite some time, so Karen is most likely domestically proficient. She can definitely support herself, so that's not a problem, and menial tasks would be easily settled between the two of you.

mother (deceased); father (unknown); the other Dragons of Heaven see her more as a mother figure-- with the exception of Aoki-san-- so they wouldn't cause too much fuss, as she's a mature woman. Kamui could even be your maid of honour! ♥

A lot of Aoki lovin' could be tossed around, but if we were to take his stable character into account, the idea of such a pairing would seem a little off; Karen loves him partly because he loves his family so fiercely.

But he certainly cares about her, being a sincere and kind man, and would defend her if need be. Just give him a fruitknife!

There's also that Yuuto question, whether those wistful looks and charming manners can be interpreted as more. Playboy though he may be, Karen might actually be the woman who can give him eye for eye. Fire and water seem a match made in heaven and earth, but it is highly doubtful Yuuto would fight for her-- she is a Seal, after all. And she seems to be rather disdainful of his frivolous manner. ... better hedge your bets for that one.

Pleasure, my dear-- absolute heaven from this Dragon of, um, Heaven. Not only is she naturally charming, but Karen has honed her craft through her years employed as a soapland hostess.

And not only is she experienced, Karen is gentle when need be, and a regular firestarter when everything comes down. However, this could also point to the fact that she might want a sweet and understanding lover; perhaps, the seperation of work and home? Karen might want something less taxing and a little more relaxing.

All the good men can't be taken or gay (... or both!) if spirited Karen is left aside. A kind nature shaped by past sorrows puts a soft edge to her intimidating force; fire of both heart and spirit and for making really badass flame walls, and the greatest fighter in lingerie this side of the End of the World. Fuuma in a garter has nothing on her! ♥

    . monou kotori
    . sumeragi hokuto
    . saiki daisuke
    . segawa keiichi

    . shirou kamui
    . aoki seiichirou
    . arisugawa sorata
    . sumeragi subaru
    . kasumi karen
    . kishuu arashi
    . nekoi yuzuriha

    . monou fuuma
    . kigai yuuto
    . kuzuki kakyou
    . sakurazuka seishirou
    . shiyuu kusanagi
    . nataku
    . yatouji satsuki