AGE APPROX: 15-16 years
STATUS: cornering Kamui in what would be deemed sexual harassment in several minor states. ♥
ANGST LEVEL: his parents died in an earthquake. He incites feelings of killable and grillable from a crowd of readers. All he can do is something, let me summarize, as this: ^_______^
LIFE EXPECTANCY: it'd better be forever, you filthy assistants.

The class president and Official Kamui Welcoming Committee, Keiichi is the freakass cheerful student who still manages to uphold his spirits after his parents died in earthquakes.

A bit on the pushy side, he nevertheless knocks Kamui for a loop when the Seal finds himself actually socializing and calling him a FRIEND. Kamui has made a FRIEND, boys and girls! He cares for somebody in a SEEMINGLY MANLY HETEROSEXUAL PLATONIC FASHION! Somewhere in Hell, they're having a sugar bush party!

Keiichi also thinks that Subaru is pretty. Oh, you're laughing now

His smile is a mile wide and illuminates the room like a Christmas tree on massive amounts of crack. Flouffy blond-- that's the wager I'm throwing down!-- hair and of average build, he nevertheless radiates charm like it's going out of style. And by charm, we mean skin-absorbent drugs.

Gets Kamui to be friendly? Is made of more sunshine than Yuzuriha and Sorata put together? Has a character that seems to have come from that special edition of "Cardcaptor Sakura On Crack-- Now With More Glitter!!"? If he were a Dragon of Heaven, Fuuma would be serving drinks with little umbrellas somewhere in Hawaii. Wearing horrible Hawaiin print shirts. And learning how to play Stairway to Heaven on the guitar. Right now.

He is class president, so it can be assumed that Keiichi is a good student and everybody's favourite nice guy. He is also capable of the most gentle moments of character strength and insight; it's the wisdom of emotional maturity, channeled through innocence, on a level that many have not.

Keiichi seems to get along with his peers, enjoys his responsibilities, and he can probably lift the spirits of everybody in the room. Or, at least have them rising against him in arms. Which is just as good. Vive la révolution du disco!

Dedicated son and mother's darling, Keiichi lived with his parents outside of the school grounds till the earthquake left him without house and home; campus dorms are now in order for him. Keiichi seems well off in a middle-income manner of way; however, now that his parental unit has bitten the dust, you might encounter some occasional problems. He would probably have no trouble getting a job with his credentials and diligence, though.

Being a student, you'll have to make due with whatever funds Keiichi gets from the CLAMP Campus Eco-Terrorist Apocalyptic Welfare Committee.

Ever since his father's death, it can be assumed that Keiichi has shouldered a part of the household chores; I'm sure he doesn't mind. The guy's so nice. He could pull his share of the domestic load, if the case ever needs attention-- he would probably enjoy wearing a frilly heart-shaped apron and bunny slippers, too!

mother (deceased); father (deceased)

Who wants to take bets that Kamui will personally see this one go to the altar-- and stays there and dies there and lives happily forever, ever ever ever after there? I don't think anyone will protest much; Kamui might actually pay you to marry him! In sexual favours candy! Aw, poor neglected Keiichi.

It's really not that bad, though; Kamui's been pretty friendly with Keiichi. And that's a good thing! Everybody needs seemingly heterosexual manly platonic friendships!

Bounce, bounce, bounce! Aw, loads of fun in the sun-- this boy has energy. You could be in for a very enthusiastic time, though Keiichi is a little on the, ah, naive and innocent side. A bit like a mix of Subaru and Sorata. Except without the whole eyeball thing. Unless you're... into that kind of thing? If there's demand, Keiichi can provide!

C'mon, who would make a nastier Dragon of Earth than him? You know it to be true. His sunshine personality might grate on your nerves here and there and, ah, possibly everywhere! but he's so nice. And... nice. He'd make a terrific husband! Or drunken optimist philosopher. Or a punching bag. Either, or!

I am completely unabashedly biased, I AM SO SORRY. And I would totally keep him in a cardboard box in my room if I could, ahaha.

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