CARD: The Lovers, volume 6
AGE APPROX: 15-16 years
STATUS: this is the place where Kamui-chan is... water pretty... ooh! Blood on the floor! Liver! Aw, head. Teehee.
ANGST LEVEL: giggle. Smile. Fawn over Kamui. Repeat.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: hello Kamui-chan, let's do a spleen check! Mine seems to be strewn across the floor at the very moment. Oh, that's just fabulous.

The sweet, kind-hearted, gentle, loving-- insert stereotypical adjectives here, here and here-- younger sister of Monou Kam-- er, Fuuma. Anatomically female member of the trio, contrary to predominanty female Kamui. Really. I swear. No lie.

Witness to the incredibly messy death of her mother while still a child, Kotori grows up always one step ahead of wearing the proverbial tinfoil hat. And it really doesn't help that her lovey dovey Kamui-chan-- having left shortly after her mother's demise-- decides that ignoring the girl will protect her. BOY TEENAGER REASONING, superfail.

Chalk up another hit as Kotori gets totally messied up into bits by Fuuma, and her head becomes some prized possesion of Kamui's. It's all rather endearing, really.

The hair. Trails of golden curls that any Rapunzel would weep to see. Delicate, frail... thesaurus!... her angelic quality runs parallel with a weak heart. But, hey, anything to get Kamui to help me, oh help me! Teehee. Methinks there shall be a stabbing of teehees forthwith.

To have "dying for the one you love" coded into your genes is a real bitch.

Kotori's potential dreamgazing abilities could have surpassed Kakyou's own if... well, you know, had she kept her head and all. However, she was still able to one-up Kakyou with her "The Future is not yet Determined" line before biting the dust.

She can also talk to birds! What a trooper.

Kotori's a pretty girl, and that's what she does. The boys all want to flutter at her like lovesick fools, and only big brother Fuuma keeps them at bay. Nice and friendly is her nature, and keen to make friends-- there's a gentleness about her that invites the protection of others. Seems to do fine in school as well. Ah, good girls and the ones who decapitate them! ♥

You could sell her remains to science! Bride makes a quick buck, more after a word from our sponsors. No. Really. Don't expect much from her, daughter of local not-so-hidden shrine. She was a student, and not even employed at that. And I don't think you'll have much luck selling her hair. Kamui, afterall, probably keeps her head in a jar. On his desk. And buys it new hats every Easter.

She played bride to her Kamui, but a weak heart and... er, death... prevents her from doing much around the house. Other than these slightly unsatisfactory states of being, Kotori would probably chirp happily could she lend a hand around the shrine, should her heart be up for the strain.

Repeat after me, kids! Kotori is a good girl. Kotori is a good girl. Kotori is a good and dead girl. Good job, Watson, we'll make sure to make note of that.

Monou Saya (mother; messy bits); Monou Kyougo (father; messy parts); Monou Fuuma (brother; cryptic message addicts anonymous)

Lovely, look-at-me-and-my-pwitty-lashes! Shirou Kamui. Everywhere he is, she's happy as a happy girl can be. Ten dollars says he could be synchronized swimming in the sewers and Kotori would be in heaven at his side. Hell, I bet she'd be up for the killable and grillable if it'd make him bat a lash. Well, at the least the "killable" part-- she took a dive for him. There's not much more than that.

Angelic innocence. Don't hurt her, don't go too fast, don't... actually, ew, necrophilia gore is this loli?!? END NOTE.

She's a head-on-a-plate! I don't think that makes for a very good marriage, see? Of course, unless you like those docile and quiet girls-- limbs sold separately!-- who giggle like the mad things they are; then, I'd recommend Kotori for your distinguished person.

Ah, no.

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