CARD: Strength, volume 8
AGE APPROX: 14-15 years
STATUS: somewhere between the box of Strawberry Pocky and pining for Kusanagi
ANGST LEVEL: isolated and lonely childhood-- Inuki vision activate!
LIFE EXPECTANCY: people like this do not die.

Cmprising at least half the team's moral fortitude-- and their very own personal cheerleading squad and softcore candy enabler-- Yuzuriha is the still living proof that strength can be born by sheer force of will. In a world where Wishes matter, having your answer is +7 boyrapist repelling armour in itself.

Affiliated with the Mitsumine Shrine, Yuzuriha nevertheless suffered mockery during her childhood due to the fact that none could see her inugami, Inuki.

However, she found love in the gentle Kusanagi-- who, unfortunately, was a Dragon of Earth-- and friendship with the other Dragons of Heaven. One of the only characters who can crack a bit of Kamui's shell and do that girly bonding thing with Arashi, it stands as a testament of her spirit.

For more on Yuzuriha, please see the profile for Shiyuu Kusanagi.

Short black hair cropped back for comfort and a sparkle in her eyes that can be matched by none, Yuzuriha fits the bill of cute on the button! Clad in the ever lovely CLAMP school uniform, she has garnered the occasional invitation to tea by male passerbys...

Her ability to create a circular Kekkai is backed by her dog spirit, Inuki, who has both defensive and offensive shapechanging abilities.

Note that this is the second Inuki, born from her big mystical makeup by sheer force of will. (Kamui being violated serves some purpose, afterall! Other than inciting the fangirls, of course.) The first Inuki died in battle with Satsuki when Yuzuriha hesitated at the worse possible moment. Ever. No lie.

A dedicated student, Yuzuriha is always up on the take; school gets the same enthusiasm as anything else in life. Energetic and sociable, she makes friends easily, if a little brashly. And when things are in doubt, she always has a box of Strawberry Pocky to back up a sincere apology.

... it doesn't negate the fact that you're still short, though.

As the other young Seals, Yuzuriha is a student at CLAMP Campus, thus insuring her residence and some money. However, being young and laden with many responsibilities, she might not be able to support you unless you moved into the Mitsumine Shrine. Or into Kamui's closet. Where he keeps-- oh, will you look at the time!

A decent cook, Yuzuriha enthusiastically attacks her chores like every other duty she must attend. Though one must hardly burden her down, the only thing getting in the way of a fair round of task-sharing is her role in the End of the World and perhaps throwing stuffed bunnies at Subaru to cure his loneliness. Therapy, sunshine style.

grandmother (alive); mother and father (unknown; presumed dead); the Dragons of Heaven are very protective of the young Yuzuriha, and she has endeared herself to all of them.

Her faithful inugami, Inuki! I If you can't see him, you're already out on the third strike.

The biggest rival-- and this can be taken literally-- is the kindly Angel known as Shiyuu Kusanagi. They developed a very touching relationship after he became the first "outside" person who could see her Inuki.

He would fight for her, and he would protect her at his own detriment-- and he most likely has. That is a big rival, boys and girls, and one who must not be taken lightly. Would you take so light a risk as bringing down the wrath and froghat of one Fuuma, leader?

She's underage, she's sunshine-- so let's just leave it at that? IS THIS LOLI GUYS.

Though Yuzuriha seems carefree and happy-go-lucky, this nature hides a very mature young woman. She has faced more adversity than one of her age deserves to, but has grown with the experience without losing her spirit.

If anything, she just gets that much fiercer and quicker for having survived, and her ability to overcome emotional turmoil make of her one of the stronger characters. (Seriously. What's the point of being able to level buildings by spitting at them if you're just going to break down and cry over a little sisterly decapitation? GET WITH THE PROGRAM, GUYS.)

Her trusting and gentle character would make a great wife, one who could always make you smile, and one who could always break through the toughest shell.

Kusanagi? Congratulations.

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