CARD: Death, volume 13
AGE APPROX: 34 years
STATUS: hole through chest suspiciously the same size as Subaru's fist!
PRETTY BOY FACTOR: "pretty" just doesn't work-- try DROP DEAD SEXY! pun totally intended
ANGST LEVEL: only in the Sumeragi's pants!
LIFE EXPECTANCY: er... 34-years-old?

The one and only! Enter, the seemingly emotionless Sakurazukamori-- assassin extraordinaire and offical Sumeragi pain enabler. He even makes julienne fries!

An expert in the art of Onmyoujutsu-- which he has perfected as a killing tool-- Seishirou has quite the past. He marked a young Sumeragi Subaru as his prey, setting up the infamous Bet that would chance whether a year spent in the life of an adolescent Subaru would evoke any emotion in Seishirou; he killed Subaru's beloved twin sister, Hokuto; and, he continues to torment Subaru even after his death. The devotion is all rather endearing! ♥

However, Hokuto's last spell, before being just another soul fed to the Sakura Tree, was that if Seishirou attempted to kill her brother in the same manner in which she was killed-- one supposes that this is the usual fist-through-chest scenario-- it would reverse upon him.

And so, when finally confronting Subaru upon Rainbow Bridge, Seishirou deliberately sets the spell in action, thus leading back to the words spoken by his mother: the one he loves will be the one who kills him.


For more on Seishirou, please see the profile for Sumeragi Subaru.

Suave and charismatic, this man wears suits like the armour of kings. And a white glass eye. If, ah, white glass eyes were the armament of kings, that is. Regardless, Seishirou makes it one-- there are only so many men who can sport a glass eye like they're propositioning you at the back of the club.

Dark brown hair and caramel eye, with a smirk that you wish could last forever while simultaneously wanting to slap it off his face. Sleek as a cat and even faster, Sakurazuka is a class all of his own.

Backed by the Sakura Tree he keeps so happily fed with the corpses of innocents! ♥ Seishirou is a master of Onmyoujutsu. No maboroshi is too complex, no ofuda is wasted. And he shoulders that shikigami like a champion.

As can be seen with his interaction with others, Seishirou's facade is another weapon in itself-- perhaps even deadlier, and more cutting, than anything in his spiritual arsenal. IT'S LIKE A SILVER BUTTERKNIFE IN YOUR VERY SOUL. ♥

An expert at social games, Seishirou can probably charm every man and woman should he be up to the task. Talk so smooth and mind so crafty are unfortunately? fortunately?-- accentuated by a cruel nature. We hedge all emotional bets. But, damn, he's the kind of guy you want to bring to an office party filled with people you loathe. It'd be the best kind of getting drunk by the water cooler!

His family is more than prosperous, and Seishirou makes piles of money. You'll never be in need! Well, economical need, that is. Ha.

He's the type of man who can't stand anything that he considers dull-- which, upon consideration, is basically everything. Digging out the bits of rice stuck in the drain and taking out the trash can be very dull-- we do not see any Seishirou in the future of either.

Though he is self-sufficient, you'll never catch him cleaning up or doing the laundry-- that's what Subaru in a frilly apron maids are for! Though, of course, there is always room for Seishirou ironing his shirts-- that is an acceptably civilized manly duty.

Sakurazuka Setsuka (mother; deceased); Sakura Tree (pet)

GOOD LUCK. One would think Subaru has his stake set out for this one. Not that he would act upon it. Or mention it. Or, you know, love confess it drama queen style. I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT Y-- sorry, I'm done now.

As for Seishirou, he is supposed to be emotionless; however, there is "no such thing as a person who could exist without love". When Seishirou inherited the title-- and by inherited, I mean stabbed her through the chest cherry blossom kungfu style-- from his mother, she reveals to him that the person who would bring about his death will not only be the next Sakurazukamori, but the person he loves as well.



This should be the time of your life! You can tell Seishirou simply drips with savoir faire, and the fact that he's as sensual as Fuuma-- if a little more subtle-- can probably guarantee some nights to remember. That, and he doesn't like boring things! Oh, you're giggling now. But wait till the bloodplay starts. And the cherry blossoms. And the enka.

To bed a Sakurazukamori-- something people can only aspire to!

Other than the fact that he's, ah, DEAD--! You'll have a hard time crackin' that Subaru addiction-- I hear that withdrawal is awful-- and, well, he's dead. Wait, been there.

But what kind of husband would he make? Very possessive, and slightly violent! ♥ But what charm. He's the type to sweep you off your feet, and kill you the morning after.

... Subaru and Seishirou are a bit like Dawson's Creek, right? If they brutally killed off Joey, that is, and Dawson and Pacey were having ambiguously consensual angry sex in the boatshed. The season finale would involve them tackling the pros and cons of impromptu field surgery!

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