CARD: The Chariot, volume 7
AGE APPROX: 16-17 years
STATUS: still breathing and we LOVE YOU CLAMP; your lady guillotine will be for another day.
PRETTY BOY FACTOR: too rough and tumble in the pants!
ANGST LEVEL: slight, but cue disregarded; taken away from parents and the whole dying-for-the-woman-he-loves thing.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: please make appropirate use of the dying-for-the-woman-he-loves reference. See us growl. See us whimper.

Destined to become a Dragon of Heaven, it was decided that he would be raised as a priest at Mount Kouya. However, as the 3-year-old boy was taken away, the lasting impression was that of his mother weeping. And so was born the promise that he would never make another woman cry. It becomes his weakness.

As he grew up, Sorata's grandfatherly guardian-- the Stargazer-- revealed part of his destiny: that he would protect the Kamui of the Dragons of Heaven, but would die for the woman he loved.

And so Kishuu Arashi's supposed future husband is quite the faithful guy, if a little persistantly clingy. Like when you forget to throw in those Bounce sheet thingies in the dryer! Except, you know, not.

A charming wild mop of dark hair complements the sweetest nature this side of the world. A little rough, though still slender in build, Sorata can be considered quite the boyishly charming catch. More on the average side, but... would you rather beauty and angst, or the combination of cute and someone who can actually get on with his life? Oh snap.

Mastered his abilities to manipulate lightning; can, of course, create the perfect cube Kekkai. Should I mention the fact that he doesn't angst night and day as something extraordinary? That he can totally BUDDY BUDDY!! with a sulking Kamui despite the persistent angst? Yes, yes I should.

From the unfortunate Kamui's experience with homework, it's safe to say that school isn't quite Sorata's strong point. His way of thinking is a little on the straightforward simple side; but, in the end, this is somewhat for the better as Sorata isn't baggaged with the terrible doubts afflicting more issue-heavy characters.

However, his highly exuberant nature can occasionally grate on people's nerves. But this same energy can be a positive aspect, as Sorata will tackle something with the same zeal. Lucky for Arashi. Oh, so lucky for Arashi.

Part of the Kamui-tachi, Sorata's schooling-- and probably part of his expenses-- are covered by the Imonoyama Foundation, if not charged to the Buddhist Goldcard Account. And he's still a student, so don't expect more than room and board-- and a delightful little Kansai specialty!-- should you decide to marry so soon. JUST DON'T FORGET TO GET RECEIPTS!

A wonderful cook, to say the least! He can treat you to his Kansai dishes, or his perfectly turned creampuffs! ♥

Fairly responsible in terms of cleaning up after himself and such, so you'll probably not have much trouble running after him to do the chores. Then agan, be prepared to feed him. A lot.

grandfather/guardian (alive); mother and father (unknown); Kishuu Arashi (future wife, really); Sorata's guardian might want a say, but he trusts Sorata's judgement enough to know that he wouldn't make a foolish choice; the Seals would probably look you over, wonder why Arashi suddenly looks different, then shrug and respect his choice.

There is only one: KISHUU ARASHI!!! Oh, those multiple exclamation marks are definitely needed.

The priestess of Ise is rather unresponsive at first; she's more likely to punch a hole in his back, pull his spine out and beat him with it than humour his... er, humour. But there's nothing like a good save of the day and a bedside cry to bring out the sentimental in a girl. You know she loves him. He knows she loves him. She knows she loves him. We know this can lead to nothing good in the long run.

So they do the deed and seal something that brings the glee out in all of us. And causes us to prepare ourselves as things start to go bump in the night. TEMPLE SEX ED 101-- superfail.

No matter the way their love is Destined, it is surely unwaverable and any attempts of harm would be met with much, much nastiness. Now let's all close our eyes and fervently chant I do believe in Tsubasa, I do, I do....

The morning after is not much to go by, but Arashi's gentle response could indicate that all was-- momentarily-- well with the world. Exuberance could've been the play of the day, as Sorata has an energy level almost equal to Keiichi; and, you know, he was totally able to get it on despite massive internal injuries and the inability to make use of his right hand. I am thinking very 12-year-old thought right now, ahaha.

Sorata has a surprising attentiveness, as well as that touch. Given the chance, we see how his amateurish and slightly clumsy courtship of a girl transform into something that works.

Cheerful, generous, loyal, willing to die for the woman he loves-- it's like a teen magazine come true! Of course-- unless you happen to be Arashi-- you might have more than a little trouble conquering this one, as Sorata already has his entire heart and being and future and the POWER OF HIS LOVE, on Her.

Then again, his Destiny (TM) is already foreordained. Woe.

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