CARD: The Hanged Man, volume 12
AGE APPROX: 25-26 years
STATUS: breathing; eternally anguished; apathetic indulgance of confrontational swordfight voyeurism.
PRETTY BOY FACTOR: the perfect pretty boy; emphasis on "pretty" and "perfect" and "anorexic little bitch"
ANGST LEVEL: His Eternal Angstiness; has the whole Tokyo Babylon ordeal as his pride and joy!
LIFE EXPECTANCY: "Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them?"

The 13th heir of the Sumeragi family and master of Onmyoujutsu-- magic based on the concepts of yin and yang-- Subaru has survived the most heartbreaking of trials, and will probably suffer through worse in the times to come. His life is just one neverending garage band made of guitars and woe.

At sixteen-- along with the 25-year-old Sakurazuka Seishirou and Subaru's exuberant twin sister, Hokuto-- they lived life to the fullest amidst the bright lights of Tokyo. (see, Tokyo Babylon)

However, things take an abrupt turn as Seishirou looses an eye protecting Subaru, which causes him to realize that he is in love with the older man. This is not the end of it, though; Seishirou is actually the Sakurazukamori, an assassin of grade A dastardly and man-eating cherry trees.

Following the death of Hokuto-- she sacrifices herself so Subaru could and would live, no matter the cost-- at the hands of Seishirou, the X timeline now intertwines Subaru's quest to fulfill his Wish of being killed by the Sakurazukamori.


Unfortunately, he is unaware of his sister's final spell. And so with the death of Seishirou, Subaru has become the next Sakurazukamori by the powers of impromptu field surgery vested in Fuuma: he accepts Seishirou's remainder eyeball and sticks it into his own lacking socket. And then getting a haircut. But not before desperately and heartbreakingly hugging the eyeball container to his chest. And you thought you had problems! ♥

For more on the Sumeragi, please see the profile for Sakurazuka Seishirou.

Who can compare with the man everyone considers an absolute beauty? Soft, silken black hair. Clear, expressive emerald eyes-- ah, make that eye. Fuuma disabled the other just a bit. Once so feminine he was mistaken for a girl, Subaru has grown up to be a slender and graceful man.

His expression is hollow now, however, marked only by the distinct sorrow of one who has lost everything dear to him; apathetic, a life not worth living. Even the green of his eye has been tainted, leaving only a dull shade of its former emotive brightness. The other eye, Seishirou's warm caramel brown, is a sharp contast.

Something to note, though, is that he has grown out his hair and it now resembles his former Tokyo Babylon cut. We await further wardrobe changes with great interest!

The opposing light to the Sakurazukamori's dark Onmyoujutsu, Subaru has powers that are both elegant and destructive. However, he seems to favour the use of his ofuda-- incantative slips of paper-- and shikigami immensely. And he can create a star-shaped Kekkai. ... wait, he lost the ability to make a Kekkai. DAMN YOU'RE USELESS!

The full extent of his powers are still to be seen; we don't know what he's entitled to, being the newly dubbed Sakurazukamori, though it's pretty much a given he's the entire package. Sans the active killing, that is-- Subaru doesn't have to willpower to get anything up.

He once attended CLAMP Campus in his attempt to find the Sakurazukamori, but seems to have dropped out since. However, it is not to say that Subaru's not smart-- he's the one who helped Kamui with his homework, after all. Study sessions. So that's what kids are calling it these days.

However, being a quiet and terribly introverted person, he isn't inclined to talk unless addressed. And even then, he tends to avoid any chances of conversation.

The boy is loaded-- his family is wealthy as well as respected, so you'll never be in want. However, Subaru's lifestyle itself is spartan, so be prepared to make some sacrifices. Though, should you ever become the family darling like Hokuto was-- oh, fashion folly every alternate weekend!

He lived by himself in Tokyo since sixteen years of age, so he's pretty much well-adjusted domestically. (Note to self: only domestically.) However, as Subaru's services as a spiritualist are reasonably in demand, he spends a good deal of time away from home.

And do your really want him doing your laundry? He's just not the type. No, wait, I want to slam him into a coin laundry. That would be all kinds of sexy hot appropriate sexy. .... that sentence came out totally wrong, didn't it?

Lady Sumeragi (grandmother; alive); Sumeragi Hokuto (twin sister; deceased); if Hokuto were still around today, I'm sure she would have a lot to shriek and make lewd comments say about her brother's husband-- wife. No, definitely husband-- but she's not, so I shall proceed to kick Seishirou around a bit. My therapist recommends it, and so does yours!

Does the name Sakurazuka Seishirou ring any bells? (And by bells, we mean mmmicecreamandpuppies.) This boy is positively-- or should we say negatively?-- in love with him. And this is the kind of love that wastes you away.

When no matter how terrible that person is (and he is) or what he does (and those things are just too cruel to bear), you will love him forever because you have always-- and will always-- belong to him.

As one particularly astute dimension witch once said-- "You are a truly f*cked up little man." No, wait, I think it was more along the lines of "I wish him a happy life, but there are a lot of definitions of happiness, I'm afraid."

And then Seishirou dies. It's a story we all know by now.

... who wants to make a bet on the virginity of this one? It took an eternity for the man that Subaru loved to be able to even touch him without causing him to flinch. And look where that got him. Subaru takes it in the eye.

Should Kanoe ever wear actual clothes, or Hell freeze over, or you get the Sumeragi in bed-- well, you'll be the one who will have to do close to everything. He's probably so used to being dominated-- and he is by nature rather submissive-- that you'll have to initiate most, if not all, the action.


Not to say that Subaru's frigid. (Oh wait, he is.) But he can also be the most considerate person alive, though he now says otherwise. And his spirit is a comfort, and his presence something to be cherished.

I mean, not everything has to be about sex, right? HA HA.

How true, that he's a beauty at arm's length! But to take care of him requires an enormous psychological effort on your part-- he's emotionally retarded. And he has the survival instinct of a slug trapped in a working blender.

The chances of him letting go of Seishirou are minimal at best, and even then, it will probably be in Kamui's favour. Too bad he wasn't caught before the Sakurazukamori left his fashionably cruel marks.

And girls?

He's gay.

I realize that I may sound harsh and hateful, but the poor boy just breaks my heart because he doesn't value himself enough; I desperately want to break his pretty little face with a really big self- esteem stick. Or let Kamui do it to further their relationship. And the Sumeragi's sister was by far cooler. Way to go, wasting her life like that. Don't let karma hit you on the way out, dorkface.

By the by, he does not look gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide. That honour belongs to Aziraphale. ♥

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