CARD: The Devil, volume 15
AGE APPROX: late 20's-30's (?)
STATUS: breathing, and probably gettin' some! ♥
PRETTY BOY FACTOR: attractive and blond and stylish; pretty boy should be pretty man
ANGST LEVEL: if any, he doesn't wear it like a brand on his forehead like the rest of the gentlemen's club.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: good enough-- he's making it till the Final Battle.

Yuuto works an office job by day, and levels down buildings in the name of the Earth by-- uh, also day.

He was supposedly the first Angel to be recruited by Kanoe, and his motives are none too clear. Why destroy the Earth where your beloved younger sister lives? Especially if she hates earthquakes so much? Though, you know, he could just be doing this for kicks-- playing the devil, ha, oh the cleverness of me. Yuuto is, if not a complete cypher, than definitely one who likes to play the game set before him.

Lovely blond hair and playful hazel eyes are the order of the day for this charming man. Suited, his stylish manner and that lovely twinkle in his eye garner many an admiring glance, whether from the various female players of this stage or the office ladies.

Mastery over the element of water-- he's a lethal, deadly FOUNTAIN. Of death. And doom. And he has those nasty freakass whips, because nasty freakass whips are sexy like the devil. I'm going to be making these stupid devil references for the entirety of this. I am so, so sorry.

Little is known about his schooling, and his job doesn't seem to require much critical thinking-- though, it can be assumed that such an office job would require some level of college education.

His ability to charm women and gentile social graces-- now with more soapland hostesses!-- make for a rather entertaining time; Yuuto carries himself well amongst others. His character is also of the diplomatic kind-- it's what happens when caught between paramours! Oh, the cad.

His decent job probably garners a decent familyman type salary, but don't expect too much from him; you'd probably be more comfortable if the two of you were employed. His current residency seems to be with the other Angels, so-- unless you demand a quick change of address-- you'll most likely accidentally cut in on some Kanoe time.

He's a grown man, so I'd say he'd be quite self-sufficient. However, Yuuto doesn't seem to be the type who enjoys menial chores, so you might have a bit of a problem getting him to help around the house. That's what the whip is for, dear!

Kigai Tomoe (younger sister; alive). Tomoe is a puzzling piece, as she is only clearly mentioned in the drama track, and adds to the haze surrounding Yuuto's motives. He cares deeply about her well-being, and would maybe try to seek her approval for her new sister-in-law, but... it's not like he asked for earthquake approval, right?

Ah, playboys and the women who lust for them.

There is the interest that Kanoe shows for him. And there's Yatouji Satsuki's growing affections, and the obvious chemistry between Yuuto and Kasumi Karen, the firey Dragon of Heaven. How does it all work out? Kanoe is sensual by nature, so her little sexy plays might just be out of disposition, and she would most likely not be too involved in a lover's squabble.

As with Kasumi Karen-- she has too much on her emotional plate to bother with this one, especially as it concerns an Angel. And especially as it concerns an unreliable man. Witty banter is only just that, and her disdain for him shows clear in the end.

But Satsuki...! Here's a girl who has never looked kindly upon humans, and she's developped what could be qualified as a crush on this older man. However-- not only because of BEAST's moodiness-- but also because she feels as if it's not her affair to meedle in Yuuto's, she might just let you go.

And maybe accidentally impale you with some cables some time or other. Aw, that's so cute!

A fun ride is mostly in store for whoever beds Yuuto! A regular playboy, he is probably quite skilled in this field. Going on what we have, Yuuto could fulfill your most giddy desires. Not outright kinky-- let us give some thought to his experience with whips and Devil persona, though!-- but a lot of, ah, exploration.

Though, if going by his devilish nature, you can always call up for a party. Of course, you shouldn't be intimidated by his experience, since it can only be assumed that he has a good deal of such. Yuuto is quite the considerate man, and would try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. At least, until they bring the bondage gear out! ♥

Other than his roaming ways, being a tad too carefree of nature-- and possibly being a really creepy and cold bastard!-- Yuuto would probably make you quite the lovely husband. However, be forewarned that there are most likely a good number of women in his past. And he might chafe at the restraints of domestic life.

But remember, ladies, that's what the whips are for! ♥

    . monou kotori
    . sumeragi hokuto
    . saiki daisuke
    . segawa keiichi

    . shirou kamui
    . aoki seiichirou
    . arisugawa sorata
    . sumeragi subaru
    . kasumi karen
    . kishuu arashi
    . nekoi yuzuriha

    . monou fuuma
    . kigai yuuto
    . kuzuki kakyou
    . sakurazuka seishirou
    . shiyuu kusanagi
    . nataku
    . yatouji satsuki