Welcome to Venus Gospel, also known as a spoiler-filled exercise in stupidity-- I mean, marriage prospects for the cast of CLAMP's X, and the proof that (a) little girls shouldn't play with shoujo manga; and (b) tea parties are only fun when you wear top hats.

And for those in the not-know, this layout is considered an eyesore by the powers that be. Of course, the powers that be are also passed out in front of the liquor cabinet with a pool of drool puddling about the chin and muttering random obscenities in Latin. There are no updates because the editors of Asuka are morons who won't publish X anymore, and I was wrong to doubt CLAMP, OH GOD FORGIVE ME I HAVE WRONGED YOU MY LADIES, and menu is by default. I thumb my nose at you, Subaru! *passes out*

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Them ladies of CLAMP are the smashing lovelies of manga; only from their genius can such works as X and Tokyo Babylon have sprung.

Who else? Miyu for being lovingly nitpicky, and just helping the profiles out in a general here and there fashion. Ali and Anna, who can most likely tell you what PSMF stands for, as well as Lika for being such a CAKEBEAST!! ♥ and Alison for the monthly Asuka summaries. A heartfelt thanks to everybody who visits and dumps large amounts of crack into the water supply.

Mmm, who else? Squarenix's grand people, I suppose, because that's where I got the name for this site. Why yes, I'm allowed doubling domain and site names for reason of unimaginative laziness no particular reason. But only because I love you that much!

This site is part of, and created by Linh. Seriously, though, who would want to fence my supposed humour? I'm moronic. Regardless, do not steal content and ideas and such. The X, Tokyo Babylon and Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNICLE properties belong to CLAMP, and their respective companies, and, ah, the fashion sense most likely kindred soul with Hokuto. At this very moment, rabid combat wombats will crash through your door and demand a cookie.

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